Sunday, October 31, 2004

story about a song

Several years ago, famous serbian stage manager broadcasted his movie " The time of gipsyes" (dom za vesanje). With him, the comopser became well know just thanks to this very sonf that I will write about.
In may 1941. few days after the "ustaha" government in has been established, local police forces started with incarceration of well known local Serbs and Jews. They assembled them all together by the river Miljacka in Sarajevo, in early morning on the day of Saint George.
People thoat that they are going to be sent to Germany to work in some camp.
If only......
Some of them realized what is going on and tried to escape...but there was no way.
That is the day when one song has been created by those men gathered there, in early morning, before the sun rise...on the right riverside of Miljacka.


Spring wings down to my sholder,
may flowers start to blow
everyone will see the flowers,
everyone except me.

To whoom my dear lady,
will smell like the may flowers,
I do not now,
But i will not smell her any more

Day breaks, i should pray to the God
It is Saint Georges day
And I am not with the one i love...

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