Monday, October 25, 2004

JASENOVAC...still bleeding wound

Ano Domini 1941. in nazi quasi state of Croatia allmost one milion of serbs,jews, roma and others that didn`t fit in profile of new...ethnical cleand and clerical rymo-chatolic croatia had to vanish.
Even before the war started in Croatia has been talking about how to solv :"serbian issue". No one realy expected that someone is ready to do something like killing people, but as we can se today, it has been done with great concisness and with concoction.
ONE MILION OF MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN fritted out from the face of the earth and their voices are still crying for thruth.
I have no intention to to give umbrage to anyone for things that happened."We must forgive, but we must never forget" were the words of Serbian parriarch in late `80`s.
In order not to talk a lot about this I recommend to you just to see next web page and see what happened there.
Nothing else to say, except: God forgive them because they don`t know what they did!

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