Monday, October 25, 2004

Mixed salad of the Balcans

Now at this momment i do really understand the french word for mixed salad-"macedonie".
Well believe or not Macedonia is mixed salad it selfe. In that small and weird mountine country you can find living together: Macedonians, albanians, serb, bulgarians,greeks, turks, roma and God knows what other nation.
That small area....under the same sky. Imagine all those nations sitting at one table and talking about good old days when their emperors and kings ruled that area. Greeks do clame that they have full right to own Macedonia, in the name of great kings of antient world: Philip and his son Alexander the Great, that did concored almost entire cultural world of the east under the very same "macedonian sun".
Bulgarians clame that they have full right to possess Macedonia because of their king Simeon that enlarged Bulgaria and placed his capital in Ohrid.
Serbs though, talk about good old times of their emperor Dushan, and how he expanded his empire on entire Macedonia and Greece, and thatfor Macedoina belongs to them.
Albanians clame that Macedonia belongs to them....because they live in it.
Turks...the same...remembering good old times of their Sultans ruled that small area.
They all listen each other very carefuly, but still thinking somewhere deep in their minds that actually THEY should own it!
And what about macedonians? Who are they? People around them souch as greeks, serbs, bulgarians, albanians clame that they are mix of all of them that created new nation, macedonians.
So why not?! Were we serbs from the beggining? Or greeks from the beggining? Or Bulgarians?
Ehtnogenesys is something that is taking part in front of our eyes. Now and here, in Macedonia....We should care more about that and specialize it.

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