Monday, June 06, 2005

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Secret agent Izzy on the new mission

Well past few weeks of my life were totall and absolute horror. Thanx to God I came back to the reallity. It is so bad when you want to achieve something and that just doesn`t want to be that way. I am not talking just about my life and things I want to is aswell connected with the people that suround me.
Since some of abovementioned do not want to achieve or contribute or even change something or anything in their lives, I deacided to be cool with it.
Finaly, it was about a time to become a bit more selfish with my emotions and other things that I should offer to other people.
Life is a mirracle, isn`t it? If you know how to live it, to be satisfied with the thing you have...and in the same time to tend to the fullnes, but keeping a low profile.
Finaly, I can say that I am clear with all the people around me. Not angry, not sad, not indiferent, just nice and happy.
I hope that some friends of mine that do live somewhere far away in vamirish Romania will come and visit me soon...because it would make me really happy. As well...all other people...that I do like and care about....come on....say something.
Thank you guys for your support.....will not belie you.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


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This picture of mine was taken on the arch of Saint Savva`s temple in Belgrade, or other way i prefer to say. On the roof of Serbia.People you should really go up there and take a look of entire Belgrade in just few seconds.