Monday, November 08, 2004

Serbia…. the place you should definitely avoid

There are so many reasons why you, as someone who never traveled around the Balkans should avoid this small and funny state with no name. In case you do not know (as I don’t) Serbia and Montenegro is one small stupid country that has no: Coat of arms, national anthem and flag. Not to talk about some more serious things…like constitution or even some normal laws that you can see there….where you come from.
In case you decided to come here…well there are so many interesting things that you can see. Things that are unique, masterworks of Native Serbian arts, architecture and Serbian culture in general.
I will not talk too much…I’ll just leave you to see how do we live here…and what and IF we have anything to offer you on your European voyage.


At some point you will think that you are not on the planet of Earth, and YES, you are right. You are in planet of Serbia…where laws and roles of physics, culture, arts and so many other laws…. DO NOT EXIST.
Therefore enjoy your stay in Serbia, get drunk and feel like at home. (that applies only for people that can stand 2.5 to 3.0 % of alcohol in their blood.)
Welcome to my home…just enjoy and do not laugh…. because this is not funny at all…you, my dear friends should cry…knowing that nation, like great Serbian nation, that in generally thinks that it is no.1 in the world, smartest and strongest live like this.
I will present you several pictures of Serbian masterworks as soon as I Can. And trust me…you will fully understand why am I talking about my homeland in such satirical tone.

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