Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Whose song is this?

Balcans, in case you don`t know is specific area where you can find mixed together so many diversityies and much, much more uniformity. Well it is more one same thing, just ilustrated in different, specific way that each nation at the Balcans does with pursuance to be different from other.
Music is one of those things. There is one, same song (melody) that is interpreted, believe it or not in: Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia....all of them clame that that song belongs exclusively to them.
One summer night in Constantinople (Istanbul) few people from the balcan countryes gothered together in one restaurant sitting, having dinner, drikning wine and having nice and polite conversation. All on a sudden, singer starts to sing this one....unique song in turkish language and all of them started to sing it in their own languaga. So the discusion started. All of them clamed that the song is acctualy theirs. But noone realy was shure, knowing the Balcans that they are right. They just didn`t wont to give up on their feelings, so that nice summer night on Bosphoros ended with huge quarell.
One of the people sitting at the table done research, traveling around Balcans with intention to solve out this mistery that suddenly came up.
So she tried....but she newer find an answer? Why? Because all of them clamed that song belongs just to them and to noone else. If you were to meniton in Albania that song is serbian...they would kill you...same in Serbia. In Greece if you say that this song is turkish....they wont to kill you aswell.
Well...my dear balcan people....the truth is that this song doesn`t belongs to you at all. Long time ago under the preshure of spanish inquisition spahish jews well known as sefards escaped from Spain and setteled at Balcans...
That is where song came from...very simple and truly.

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