Thursday, October 21, 2004


Standard balcans issues. How to unriddle Balcans knotte? We are really like children still living in 19 century thinking how to stop someone else to thrive. But there is just one thing that we can not undestand, that with trying to prevent someone else`s victory we just put shame on our own face. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia....we all made the same mistake and it is really suprising that, for example Macedonians do not learn from mistakes that we made. But this is damn yard. Few nations placed together in small territory, with lot of diversity and much, much more similarity.
Ivo Andric, author that got the Nobel price in scribing about balcan people, the way they are, the way they were and the way they will allways be. There is no chance or any power that can prevent that cycle of agony. Lot of people tryed to help, and they still are dooing their best to achieve peace and stability in this small damn yard, but there is just no way that it will be successful. Still it is nice to try. Balcan people just can`t stand someone telling them what to do. They think they are the smartest, that they can solve all by them selve. That may work for a short time, but after that short period of felicity, balcan hell with all it`s demons just resurrects from the deepness of earth and make that damn yard living hell again.
I know that, I experienced that on my own skin. However, I am giving my best to understand and try to do something about that.
In Balcans, everything is good untill you mention that your own people did something bad. Serbs for example, (my own nation) can`t face the fact that they slaughtered thousands and thousands of bosnian muslims. Simple legitimacy is that: muslims slaughtered thousands and thousands of serbs in world war II. The people responsible for war crimes on all sides, serbian, bosnian, croatian are gloryfied as heroes. All of us are the same. Love just your own and destroy the other one. It is funny that even I who am writhing this, still have that bit of thinking that way. I have escaped from Croatia, ok...the things went bad for me. Is that a reason to hate entire croatian nation? Well....maybe....but for example, my sister is married to a croat. Should i hate her because she belongs to other ethnical group now. Ok...i can freely say: I do not like croats....but what good do i have from that. It may be my own way of thinking but what good do i have from that as well?
Actually, i think that i should be thankfull to the croats. If there was no war, God knows what would my life look like. Probably living in that small town that i had been born at, dooing random things as all people from small towns do. I came to the big city, Belgrade and got an oportunity to do so many things. The best thing that i have from war is that i became serious and aware of what life really is and how easely you can lose it, how would you be just a small memory in puzzle among the other victims of war. I have my life, and i wont to use it the best way i can to try to stop this so it would never happen again. It is a hard task, but it is, I think worth of trying. It is not important what Balcans people will say. ( I assume that there will be a lot of comments on this article) imortant thing is that WE NEED TO FORGET the great reputation we all had at some point and face the bad things we did all together, to each other, to our selves. We need to think what is going to be after us. What are we going to do and how are we going to attain the stoping of the balcanic hell.
Wish to see your coments on this topic.

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