Sunday, November 27, 2005

At the birthplace of DEMOCRACY

What is democracy? Is it that thing that western people try to teach us? Is it that little thing that they took from one antient civilization that once existed somewhere in mediranian? Or it is something else? If we`re talking about that democracy we should explain it other way. Let me try to say how I see that type of democracy. It is thirany covered all around with huge letters DEMOCRACY, but if you are somehow able to look under beneath will se just tirany. Somehow..this weird thing coulb be called that name...but only if we under term DEMOS understand FEW people that hold (KPATANE) the power and do what ever they want it.

Well i spent one beautifull day in the birthplace of democracy. Not the one I had been talking abowe, but in the birthpace of TRUE, REAL, PURE and SACRED DEMOCRACY. Democracy that gave everything best to us, and now three to five tousand years after, we are still trying to achieve that very same, basic and uncomplicated democracy. Is it so hard? I don`t think so...but would others (that hold the power) liked it? I don`t think so. This little post is dedicated to the people that seek for clean democracy, for free society, for sacreed freedom.
Walking around and understanding where are you, seeing all you wanted to see for your entire life...beeing at the very same place where apostle Paulus said to the Athinains "O men of Athens" looking the spot of birth of European christanity...leaves me nothing else than specheles. That for there is no need for talking. Just scilence and absolute respect.

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giorgio-merka-di-miele said...

"Ζώμεν τωόντι υπό πολίτευμα, το οποίον δεν επιζητεί ν αντιγράφη τους νόμους τών άλλων, αλλ είμεθα ημείς μάλλον υπόδειγμα εις τους αλλους παρα μιμηταί αυτών. Και καλείται μεν το πολίτευμα μας Δημοκρατία, λόγω του ότι η κυβέρνησις του κράτους ευρίσκεται όχι εις τας χείρας των ολίγων, αλλά των πολλών. Αλλα δια των νόμων ασφαλίζεται εις όλους ισότης δικαιοσύνης δια τα ιδιωτικα των συμφέροντα, ενω υπο την έποψιν της κοινής εκτιμήσεως, έκαστος πολίτης προτιμάται εις τα δημόσια αξιώματα, όχι διότι ανήκει εις ωρισμενην κοινωνική τάξιν, αλλα δια την προσωπικήν του αξίαν, εφόσον διακρινεται εις κάποιον κλαδον."
Ο Περικλής στη Βουλη Των Αθηνών
Μεταφραση απο τα αρχαια του Θουκυδίδη
Ελ.Βενιζέλος το 1940.