Sunday, May 08, 2005

Circus`s in our town

Regarding the recent happenings that took place in my life and people around me, I think it is about a time to write something about it. Well, since Circus came to our small town of Novi Sad bunch of things happened. We all are a bit different, bit more innocent like kids. Maybe it is because of that stupid tempt that we all see there standing…like it is waiting for us to come and visit it, or it is because of something else.
I have been thinking about it. Since it was about a time something to happen, I think that this is a real thing for us. Personally I feel much better. My family gathered…after a long time, we have been all together at my home. People, literally from all around the globe came to visit us. It was hell of an impression that is still holding me high... Wish only if that would be able to happen from time to time...not to forget faces and moments like this one.


Other thing I would like to mention are my train travel experiences. Huh, every time I travel by train…there is something that is just waiting to talk to me…I found it really funny. Last time I traveled, I had been reading some book in Greek. Being totally into it I did not noticed that one girl was standing in front of me asking: Is that seat free?
I answered in Greek…. Not thinking that she will not understand me. She was there like stoned looking at me and asking me how did I notice that she speaks Greek. Well…it was so funny and two of us kept talking Greek all the way from Belgrade to Novi Sad. Other people around us were just looking at us…not knowing what to say. So after all…I had a free ride from train station all the way to my flat. So we made a deal…Tijana (another one) and me…that we’ll go for coffee one of there days before she goes to GR.

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