Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Why are young people leaving Serbia?

As someone that is young and as someone that his life is about to beggin, I will try to give an answer to this question from my point of wiew. Answer is really simple. In country that has no name, coat of arms or anything that symbolizes one State, in country that is ledt by gawky politicians there can be no achievement. We all do want to try, to change something but is seems like someone from abowe is pushing us back. And that is not something that is taking part at this moment. In past 10 years, untill today, it just became our tradition and reality.

Belgrade night in spring 1999. During the war with the entire world

Some of non-government organisations have done public research in wich 70 % of young in Serbia just looks for an oportunity to leave this country. Well, I am one of them, but between my leaving and the leaving of most, is huge difference. I want to leave this country so I would come back one day, so I would be able to change something. I want to help this society to enrich. I made my plans. I can only hope that I will suceed because there is no excuses or any more time to wast. I will not talk about my plans, untill and if they come to reality. Then we will look for options and solutions. Why am I saying this to you at all. Well....This are just my reflections about situation around me. Hope you will share your feelings as well.

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